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Name: High performance CPU
Model: Q02HCPU
Program capacity: 28K step.
Input / output points: 1096 points.
Number of input and output elements: 8192.
Processing speed: 0.034 subtle.
Support RS232.
CPU module expansion standard RAM (max 8MB).
Can be used with the SD memory card at the same time.
Continuous access file register.
Ultra high speed processing, production time is shortened, better performance.
As applications become larger and more complex, it is necessary to shorten the system operation cycle time.
The operation period can be shortened by the super high basic operation speed 1.9ns.
In addition to achieve in the past with the control of single-chip high-speed control,
The system performance can be improved by reducing the total scan time,
To prevent any possible performance bias.

8 channels.
Platinum thermal resistance (Pt100, JPt100).
Nickel thermal resistance (Ni100).
Shedding detection function.
Conversion speed: 320ms/8 channel.
Inter channel isolation.
40 pin connector.
Most suitable for process control of isolated analog modules.
Temperature data can be collected by connecting thermocouple / thermal resistance MITSUBISHI Q02HCPU.
Products can choose multi-channel (8 channel) input type and channel isolation type Q02HCPU
Customers can choose the most suitable model according to the intended use.
Reduce system downtime recovery time.
With a simple operation, you can back up all the data in the CPU to the memory card.
Through regular backup, can be the latest parameters, procedures, etc. to save the storage card MITSUBISHI Q02HCPU.
In the event of a CPU failure, after the replacement of CPU, can be a simple operation,
Restore the system by using the data storage card in advance.
Therefore, it is not necessary to spend time to manage the backup data, but also can shorten the recovery time of the system shutdown.
Auto backup key data
Save the program and parameter files automatically to the program memory (ROM Flash) without using the backup battery,
To prevent the loss of the program and the parameters due to forgetting to replace the battery MITSUBISHI Q02HCPU.
In addition, the soft component data and other important data can be backed up to the standard ROM,
In order to avoid during the long holiday and other planned downtime,
The data is lost due to battery depletion MITSUBISHI High performance CPU.
The next time the power is turned on, the backup data will be automatically restored MITSUBISHI High performance CPU. Input / output points: 4096 points.
Number of input and output elements: 8192.
Program capacity: 130 K step.
Processing speed: 0.0095 s.
Program memory capacity: 520 KB.
Support USB and RS232.
Support installed memory card.
Providing high speed communication between multiple CPU MITSUBISHI High performance CPU.
High speed and high precision data processing.
The processing speed of the real number (floating point) arithmetic has been greatly improved,
Addition instruction reached 0.014 mu s,
Therefore, it can support the request of high-speed, high-precision processing data processing.
In addition, the new addition of double precision floating point arithmetic instructions,
Simplify the programming, reduces the computational error when executing complex formula Q02HCPU.
Shorten the fixed scan interrupt time, high precision device.
The minimum interval of the fixed period interrrupt program is reduced to 100 s MITSUBISHI Q02HCPU.
The high speed signal can be accurately obtained, which makes the contribution to the higher precision of the device.

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