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Q02CPU MITSUBISHI Q02CPU High performance CPU
Name: High performance CPU
Model: Q02CPU
Program capacity: 28K step.
Input / output points: 1096 points.
Number of input and output elements: 8192.
Support RS232.
CPU module expansion standard RAM (max 8MB).
Can be used with the SD memory card at the same time.
Continuous access file register.
Ultra high speed processing, production time is shortened, better performance.
As applications become larger and more complex, it is necessary to shorten the system operation cycle time.
The operation period can be shortened by the super high basic operation speed 1.9ns.
In addition to achieve in the past with the control of single-chip high-speed control,
The system performance can be improved by reducing the total scan time,
To prevent any possible performance bias.

Input: 2 channels.
Counter input signal: DC5/12/24V.
External input: DC5/12/24V.
Uniform output: Transistor (drain type).
0.5A/ point.
2A common end.
40 pin connector. Control axis: up to 16 axes.
Interpolation function: linear interpolation (maximum 4 axis), arc interpolation (2 axis), spiral interpolation (3 axis) MITSUBISHI Q02CPU.
PLC capacity: 30K step.
Small scale systems with high performance to price ratio Q02CPU
Power supply, programmable sensor, motion controller trinity.
Maximum control axis: 16 axis.
Support visual system."10BASE2.
Ethernet interface module capable of selecting the most suitable system and object device.
Support 100BASE-TX, can speed up the transmission speed MITSUBISHI Q02CPU. (QJ71E71-100)
Data communication can be performed between programmable controller CPU using special instructions.
Can use the HTTP protocol, through the Web browser on the PC access to the soft element of the programmable controller.
PC (Web) on the use of the communication program library and sample screen can be obtained by download services.
Can connect a number of programming tools to improve the efficiency of debugging MITSUBISHI Q02CPU.
Make use of e-mail function, through the mail server to send e-mail (ASCII format) and attachments (binary, ASCII and CSV format).
The KeepAlive function can be used to perform the existence of the object equipment inspection, and keep the connection in the open state MITSUBISHI High performance CPU.
This can be used to ensure connectivity and to quickly find errors.
Optimal network matching for application purposes and applications,
Seamless communication between different hierarchical systems MITSUBISHI High performance CPU.
Enhancing the ability of information communication through network.
This is also a major task in the field of automation.
Network environment provided by Q series
Is truly open & seamless MITSUBISHI High performance CPU.
Including based on universal ethernet,
Achieve easy management of the environment "IE Control CC-Link" controller network,
As well as in its management to achieve a high-speed, high-capacity transmissioon of the "IE Field CC-Link" field network Q02CPU.
Also including Japan''s first, to achieve the world standard,
And get the SEMI certification of the field network "CC-Link",
And inherited the design concept of the provincial distributioon network CC-Link/LT" MITSUBISHI Q02CPU.
And support sensor networks "AnyWire",
To enrich the lineup flexibility to integrate the various layers of automation network. "

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