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Q00UJCPU-S8-SET MITSUBISHI Q00UJCPU-S8-SET Small points with substrate CPU
Name: Small points with substrate CPU
Model: Q00UJCPU-S8-SET
Upgrade payments.
Input / output points: 256 points.
Program capacity: 8 K step.
Processing speed: 0.2 s.
Built in communication port: RS232*1.
Continue to go beyond, to climb the peak of Q series.
Strengthen security function.
Can be set up to 32 characters of the file password.
In addition to the English letters, numbers, but also the use of special characters,
To further enhance the security of the password.
In addition, only pre registered devices are allowed to access CPU,
To intercept unauthorized access to unauthorized users.
Therefore, it is important to prevent the outflow of important program assets and protect intellectual property rights.
CPU module expansion standard RAM (max 8MB).
Can be used with the SD memory card at the same time.
Continuous access file register.

Output: 6 channels.
Input (resolution): 0~4000; -4000~4000; 0~12000; -12000~12000; -16000~16000.
Output: DC-12V~12V; 0~22mA.
Conversion speed: 6ms/ channel.
40 pin connector.
Isolation between channels.
The possibility of expanding control with intelligent function.
At the same time, the channel isolation analog module realizes high isolation voltage,
Further improve the accuracy of the benchmark MITSUBISHI Q00UJCPU-S8-SET Q00UJCPU-S8-SET
Provide support for process control using a general purpose programmable controller.
Flow meter, pressure meter, other sensors can be directly connected to analog input,
Control valve can also be directly connected to analog output.
Hardware and installation costs have been greatly reduced due to the need for an external isolation amplifier MITSUBISHI Q00UJCPU-S8-SET.
High insulation strength.
Can isolate electrical interference, such as current and noise, etc..
Standard analog input module.
Isolated analog input module.
No external isolation amplifier required.
Without the use of inter channel isolation analog modules.
Using the inter channel isolation analog module. 8 slots.
The main substrate needs to be equipped with CPU and power supply MITSUBISHI Q00UJCPU-S8-SET.
Double power supply mode power supply redundancy system.
Requires 1 power modules.
Used to install Q series modules.
Optimal network matching for application purposes and applications,
Seamless communication between different hierarchical systems MITSUBISHI Small points with substrate CPU.
Enhancing the ability of information communication through network.
This is also a major task in the field of automation MITSUBISHI Small points with substrate CPU.
Network environment provided by Q series
Is truly open & seamless.
Including based on universal ethernet,
Achieve easy management of the environment "IE Control CC-Link" controller network,
As well as in its management to achieve a high-speed, high-capacity transmission of the "IE Field CC-Link" field network MITSUBISHI Small points with substrate CPU.
Also including Japan''s first, to achieve the world standard,
And get the SEMI certification of the field network "CC-Link",
And inherited the design concept of the provincial distribution network CC-Link/LT".
And support sensor networks "AnyWire",
To enrich the lineup flexibility to integrate the various layers of automation network.
A variety of modules with excellent performance,
Meet the needs of various control from analog to location.
Q series module products include a variety of types of I/O, analog and positioning function module Q00UJCPU-S8-SET.
Can fully meet the switch, sensor, such as the input and output, temperature, weight, flow and motor, drive control,
As well as the requirements of high-precision control of thhe positioning of the industry, the control needs of various fields MITSUBISHI Q00UJCPU-S8-SET.
Can also be used in combination with the CPU module to achieve appropriate control.

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