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MITSUBISHI Q00JCPU-S8 Continue to go beyond, to climb the peak of Q series MITSUBISHI Q00JCPU-S8
Name: CPU with base plate
Model: Q00JCPU-S8
DC5V DC current consumption: 0.23A.
Number of I/O modules can be installed: 8.
Program capacity: 8K step.
Input / output points: 256 points.
Number of input and output elements: 2048.
Power +8 tank bottom plate of the CPU.
Continue to go beyond, to climb the peak of Q series.
Strengthen security function.
Can be set up to 32 characters of the file password.
In addition to the English letters, numbers, but also the use of special characters,
To further enhance the security of the password.
In addition, only pre registered devices are allowed to access CPU,
To intercept unauthorized access to unauthorized users.
Therefore, it is important to prevent the outflow of important program assets and protect intellectual property rights.
CPU module expansion standard RAM (max 8MB).
Can be used with the SD memory card at the same time.
Continuous access file register.

Input voltage range: AC100-240V.
Output voltage: DC5V/24V.
Output power: 0.6A.
Simplified program debugging.
Can use the software with the implementation of the conditions of the test function, any step in the program,
Changes the value of the soft component to a user specified value.
In the past, when debugging the specific loop process, the need to add a set of soft components of the program,
At present, through the use of the function, no need to change the program, you can make a specific loop program segment execution action MITSUBISHI Q00JCPU-S8 Q00JCPU-S8
Therefore, do not need to change the program separately in order to debug, debugging operation is more simple.
Through the expansion of soft components, more convenient to create the program MITSUBISHI Q00JCPU-S8.
M soft components and B soft components can be expanded to 60K points, making the program easier to understand.
Auto backup key data.
Save the program and parameter files automatically to the program memory (ROM Flash) without using the backup battery,
To prevent the loss of the program and the parameters due to forgetting to replace the battery.
In addition, the soft component data and other important data can be backed up to the standard ROM,
In order to avoid during the long holiday and other planned downtime,
The data is lost due to battery depletion MITSUBISHI Q00JCPU-S8.
The next time the power is turned on, the backup data will be automatically restored MITSUBISHI CPU with base plate. BASIC program execution module.
2 channel.
Ultra high speed processing, production time is shortened, better performance MITSUBISHI CPU with base plate.
As applications become larger and more complex, it is necessary to shorten the system operation cycle time.
The operation period can be shortened by the super high basic operation speed 1.9ns.
In addition to achieve in the past with the control of single-chip high-speed control,
The system performance can be improved by reducing the total scan time,

To prevent any possible performance bias MITSUBISHI CPU with base plate Q00JCPU-S8.
The position signal of the first axis servo amplifier, which is used on the motion CPU, is used as a trigger,
Starting from the programmable controller CPU to the second axis servo amplifier,
Time to output speed command of servo amplifier MITSUBISHI Q00JCPU-S8.
This time is the index of data transmission speed between CPU.

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