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MITSUBISHI Q64DAN PDF datasheet Q64DAN datasheet PDF catalog
Product model: Q64DAN
Name: Voltage / current output analog module
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File language: English
"2CH RS-232.
QJ71C24N (-R2) through the RS-232 serial communication,
Programming and monitoring of programmable controllers using programming tools.
QJ71C24N (-R2) with the function of the modem corresponding to the public telephone line,
Can be used to initialize the modem, and the connection of the object device processing,
Communication with a remote device, a programming tool, a modem, and a public telephone line Q64DAN PDF datasheet Q64DAN
Using remote password,
Can be prevented by QJ71C24N (-R2) function of the modem Q series programmable controller for illegal access.
Serial communication module capable of collecting and changing data of programmable controller, monitoring and managing, measuring data collection and so on Q64DAN PDF datasheet.
Can achieve the highest speed of 230.4kbps, the maximum of 960 words (MC protocol communications) of the high speed and large capacity communications.
Can use MC protocol, through the external devices (PC, monitors, etc.) to implement the data read / write programmable controller.
By selecting a non sequential protocol and use sequential program for communication control, the programmable controller and the external device (barcode reader and measurement equipment),
Communication with local protocols using external devices Q64DAN PDF datasheet. "SRAM memory card.
RAM capacity: 1MB. Input / output points: 4096 points.
Input / output soft element points: 8192.
Program capacity: 260K step.
Basic operation speed (LD): 1.9ns.
Program memory capacity: 1040KB.
Peripheral device connection port: USB, Ethernet (communication support function).
Memory card I/F:SD memory card, extended SRAM card.
Convenient processing of large capacity data.
In the past can not achieve the standard RAM and SRAM card file register area of continuous access,
The boundary of each area should be considered in programming.
The SRAM 8MB extension card is installed in the high speed universal QCPU,
Standard RAM can be used as a continuous file register,
Capacity up to 4736K words, thus simplifying the programming.
Thus, even if the memory space of the soft element is insufficient,
Can also be installed by the expansion of SRAM card, easy to extend the file register area.
The address register is extended to 32 bits, which can be programmed to go beyond the traditional 32K word,
And to achieve the extension to the file register to all regions of the file register.
In addition, the processing speed of the index modification plays an important role in the efficient operation of structured data (array),
The speed has been improved.
When the index is used to modify the program repeatedly (e.g. from FOR to NEXT), the scan time can be reduced.
Support USB and RS232.
Support installed memory card.
Providing high speed communication between multiple CPU.
Shorten the fixed scan interrupt time, high precision device.
The minimum interval of the fixed period interrupt program is reduced to 100 s.
The high speed signal can be accurately obtained, which makes the contribution to the higher precision of the device.
High speed and high precision machine control by multi CPU.
By parallel processing of the linear and multi CPU high-sppeed communication (cycle 0 Q64DAN PDF catalog. 88ms) of the parallel control program, the high speed control.
Multi CPU high speed communication cycle and motion control synchronization, so it can achieve the maximization of computing efficiency.
Inn addition, the latest movement control CPU in performance is 2 times the previous model,
To ensure high speed and high accuracy of the machine control Q64DAN PDF catalog.