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OMRON E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK MANUAL E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK Communications Functions User's Manual
Product model: E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK
Name: Temperature Controller
Brand: OMRON
Sort: Communications Functions User's Manual
File language: English
Sensing method: Through-beam type (with slot).
Sensing distance: 3.6 mm (slot width).
Output type: NPN output.
Output configuration: Dark-ON.
Photomicrosensor with light,
modulation for reduced external,
light interference and a,
connector for easy maintenance.
Built-in connectors.
Select from four easy-to-use shapes for efficient space,
utilization E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK User's Manual.
Connectors with locks for safety against vibration E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK
Convenient mounting method using M3 screws.
Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC. Sensing method: Diffuse-reflective.
Connection method: Pre-wired M8 connector.
Sensing distance: 1 m.
Model: NPN output .
The Standard for Photoelectric Sensors,
with a Secure Track Record of One,
Million Sold Yearly E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK User's Manual.
Long sensing distance of 30 m for Through-beam Models, 4 m for,
Retro-reflective Models, and 1 m for Diffuse-reflective Models.
Mechanical axis and optical axis offset of less than ±2.5° simplifies,
optical axis adjustment.
High stability with unique algorithm that prevents interference of,
external light. Power supply voltage: AC/DC power supply selectable type E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK User's Manual.
Sensing method: Through-beam (Emitter + Receiver).
Sensing distance: 40 m.
Output configu ration: Relay.
Long-distance Photoelectric Sensor.
That Supports AC/DC Power Supplies.
Long sensing distance that is approximately 8,
times that of our conventional model (for the,
Through-beam and Diffuse-reflective models).
(Through-beam: 40 m, Retro-reflective: 7 m, and,
Diffuse-reflective: 2.5 m.) .
Improved visibility:
A red LED that makes the spot visible.
Large indicators that can be seen even from a,
Improved operability.
(Enlarged sensitivity adjuster and operation selector)
Freely selectable power supply input (24 to 240 VDC, 24 to 240 VAC).
(Additional types added to the DC type lineup.)
Models with infrared LEDs are also available. E32-TC200BR type: standard type; soft (new standard),
Specialty: M4 screw with casing,
Shape / detection distance (mm): 700; 530; 350 (140),
Standard test object
(minimum test object) (mm) 1: 1 (0.005),
Fiber element for meeting diversified needsSize: M12, Non-shielded.
Sensing distance: 8.0 mm.
Connection: Pre-wired.
Body material: Brass.
Thread length (overall length): 56 (72).
Output configuration: NPN. E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK MANUAL.
Operation mode NC.
Safe Mounting with Greater.
Sensing Distance.
Ensures a sensing distance approximately 1.5 to 2,
times larger than that of any conventional OMRON Sensor.
Problems such as the collision of workpiecees are eliminated E5CN-HTR2H03D-FLK MANUAL.
Full range of standard sizes (M8, M12, M18 and,
M30; both long and short barrels).
Modular construction simplifies customization.
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